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masterInstall every toolchain software at the same time.Biel Polastrini8 months
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2022-07-23Install every toolchain software at the same time.HEADmasterBiel Polastrini
2022-07-23Move website to another repo.Biel Polastrini
2022-07-23Finish website.Biel Polastrini
2022-07-23Website.Biel Polastrini
2022-07-23Update notes.Biel Polastrini
2022-07-23Add wireless firmware.Biel Polastrini
2022-07-23Update notes.Biel
2022-07-23Update scripts and notes.Biel
2022-07-23Add installation notes.Biel
2022-07-23Update apupdate script and release Aperio GNU/Linux v2!Biel